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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Atlanta High Rises - Luxury High Rise Living

During my more than 10 years experience in residential real estate, it has been my privilege to represent 100''s of clients with the sale or purchase of homes ranging from the affordable into the millions.

I specialize in finding ways to uncomplicate my clients' lives. Such services include 1. hiring professional designers to help you stage your home for sale or assist in the placement & design aspects of a new home; 2. assisting/overseeing needed home repairs & inspection resolution repairs; 3. full access to entire MLS database so you can have as much data as you require to make a comfortable educated decission; 4. resource list of competent home service professionals; plus much more.

Buying or selling a personal residence is not about a "transaction," it's about a TRANSFORMATION in my clients' lives. This philosophy comes from a recognition that home is so much more than just 4 walls and a roof. It's about security, our idenity, family and so much more. With this understanding, I am sensitive to your unique needs while competently facilitating the "transaction" portion of process.

- Over 10 years experience in the real estate industry
- Top 10 agents all years affiliated with Re/Max Intown
- Over 80 percent of business comes from client referrals - "thanks a million"
- 6 years as a practicing Certified Public Account (CPA) for Big 5 accounting firms
- Business Development/Sales of professional services for Big 5 firm & RHI Management Resources
- BA/Accounting & MBA/Taxation degrees from The University of Texas at Austin - "hook-um-horns

Christopher Bennett

P.O. Box 78778
Atlanta, GA 30357
direct: 404-414-7077
fax: 404-881-1171

For More Information, visit our site at:


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