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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stack is not a diet... It's A Miracle!!!

"STACKâ„¢ IS NOT A DIET ... It's A Miracle!!!"
A person goes on a "diet", eats things that they may not particularly like or want, just to lose weight, or they take pills to help with their weight loss along with eating barely enough to keep a rabbit alive let alone a human being.
They feel hungry all the time, miserable and usually end up "cheating"....a little at first...then a little more....and next thing they know....they are gaining weight and feeling let down because they failed. Don't set yourself up for failure any longer - please!TAKE STACK... EAT YOUR MEALS... LOSE WEIGHT!

Read these latest STACK STORIESwe have been receiving!
FIRST WEEK RESULTS!!!!Jenny of Oregon has lost 9 pounds!her sister Karen has lost 12 pounds!her mom Linda also lost 9 pounds!Ron of Washington has lost 8!his wife Geane has lost 9!
My latest numbers... I started STACK 5 days ago at 186.5 pounds, I am now at 181.5!!!!!! A POUND A DAY! I was eating fried calamari and drinking beer at 12:00 last night and did not miss any of my other meals yesterday. I only need to lose about 10 pounds, but have not been able to for YEARS. I do not skip meals...although the meal replacement ice cream drink is full of nutrients if you want to skip. You will find that your appetite deminishes while your energy increases...just don't miss any part of the daily system and don't stop using STACK! I have been in the nutrition/weight loss field for 15 years...even owned my own nutrition co. with weight loss products and even after thinking I had seen every diet out there...STACK is an absolute MIRACLE! STACK is NOT a diet..but a complete Body Tune Up! Don't let your friends and family miss out on stack or this fantastic opportunity...they are looking for an answer this new year, and you have it for them...share it! GO, GO, GOOOO!!! Eric Caprarese
I also like to mention that not only have I lost the 5 pounds in two days with STACK, but I feel great, and taking STACK and ACT, I am on a roll. I had lost 45 pounds and 6 dress sizes on ACT alone, so to be off to such a great start with STACK is wonderful. I have Fibromyalgia and I am a chronic pain patient, so to have something that can help me lose weight and feel better after all these years of not being able to, is priceless. Thank you M2CGlobal. Also, I made money today too. I have sold a lot of STACK systems today, and I earned $120 today! That is awesome. I am very happy about that. So thanks for all you are doing. You are always telling us how you appreciate us, well, we appreciate you very much too. God bless, Penny D.
After 8 days on Stack myself, I lost 13 1/2 lbs and continued to lose 3 additional pounds for 2 days after my 8-day trial!!! 16 1/2 lbs lost total - INCREDIBLE - and it was SO EASY!
And the best part... I didn't "diet" - I ate pizza, cheese-fries, steak...and in 5 out of the 8 days on STACK, I ate 2 meals at home...the rest were eaten out at restaurants because my daughter was here visiting me during that time.
Trust me when I say this to you....this is truly the BEST weight-loss product on the market and everyone who is struggling with their weight should know about STACK.
Warmest Regards,
Elly Hoffman

Dave Mosher in Cross Roads, TX writes: I'VE LOST 10 pounds in eight days on STACK! Plus, I've had Pizza, hamburgers, Spaghetti, the list goes on! STACK is going to make my leaders very wealthy from the 3-ways calls and stack stories! We're sharing these non-stop in the phones with prospects and they are buying like crazy, too easy! I have taken many "Protein" or "Meal-Replacement" shakes in the past from several different companies. However, whether they tried to make it taste like Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla, the result was the same. They all tasted terrible and had a chalky or gritty taste and could never take their shake for any duration of time. It was too painful. I even had one that suggested that I replace my first 10 days of meals with a "Super Green" shake. It was like being forced to mow the lawn with my teeth and swallow. Even if I added Lime, it still didn't do much good. I hated it. Your Ice Cream Drink is the best breakthrough we have EVER...and I'll say it again.. EVER tasted for overweight people!!! There's no chalky taste or gritty taste. The Ice Cream Drink tastes great! I have used it only with water. I'm told it even tastes better with Skim Milk. I'm already over 39 personals in M2C GLOBAL with orders in the last 10 days! Going on my ninth check already and we are totally focused on 3-ways calls all day all night! I back M2CGlobal 100%! Sincerely, David M.
Another incredible testimonial . . . Brian Quam of Watertown, SD: 10 pounds GONE in 7 days - eating normal foods! More important, he lost 5.5 pounds of body FAT! He has a device that measures body fat! Started on STACK 8 days ago . . . weighed 208 . . . body fat percentage was 26.5% (that's 55 pounds of FAT...or LARD as Brian calls it!!) Today, 8 days later, Brian tips the scale at 198 pounds and his percentage is 24.9, or a LOSS of 5.5 pounds of FAT in one week and he ate whatever he wanted to eat! In fact, quote: "I always had a bowl of ice cream night . . . now I have buttered popcorn!! True story!! They are coming in almost hourly now!!! Try STACK protein this way! It's awesome: Blend with skim milk or soy milk, ice and raspberries! I SWEAR I thought I was at the Dairy Queen!!
Here is the beginning of my exciting STACK story!!! Day 1 - I am on some medication and haven't spoken with my doctor about doing STACK yet. So I started with it after eating a late lunch yesterday. Then I ate snacks and dinner, too. (Fried tofu and fried eggplant with soy sauce, noodle soup with egg & veggies; Pumpkin seeds, M&Ms with almonds, peanuts, fresh pineapple fruit; Scrambled eggs and hash browns, cheese chip munchies: All good-size servings!!!) I wasn't trying to control my eating but overdid it on some snacks even. And I felt good without any side effects through out the rest of the day. When I took my vital stats first thing after getting up today and compared them to the ones I took yesterday, I couldn't believe myself and re-did the weighing and measuring, just to make sure I wasn't mistaken! I LOST 2 lbs. AND 2" IN FEWER THAN 24 HOURS and ONLY 3/4 of the recommended daily STACK plan, and despite a not-so-healthy prior day of eating!!! Today, still within my first 24 hours of STACK, I could only eat a small portion of lunch -- I have no desire for more food! STACK is totally AMAZING indeed!!! Tell everybody that they could have the same benefits that I have wonderfully begun reaping from using IT!!!!! And thank you very much for another incredible product for all of us to improve people's lives and create wealth with! Best regards, Christina W.
Good Morning! I couldn't resist weighing this morning. I have been taking the STACK for 5 days, I lost 3 lbs the first day, and gained it back the second day, I was jealous of everyone else that was losing so fast and I wasn't. However, I felt thinner this morning and wanted to weigh again, I HAVE LOST 8 LBS! I am overjoyed! I also, have lost 2 inches in my waist. It has been such an easy system for me to follow. My energy level is great, I have major appetite control and I love my Ice Cream Drink. Just wanted to give an update before I left this morning to meet Linda Smith and Kim Oliver to introduce this amazing product to 1000's of brides to be, their wedding party and family at the Richmond Bridal Show. "Oh what a feeling of success!" Consistency is the key to success in every area of our life, whether it be using our product correctly, recruiting new dealers to our team or introducing the Ultimate Body Tune Up and A.C.T. to everyone within 2 feet of us. Thanks for the upline support you so generously give to each of your leaders. Without the knowledge and vision that Paul shares; it would have been a harder venture, but you all have given so much of yourself, the journey toward financial freedom is just around the corner! Best of Health and Wealth, Karen Ford
More from Karen . . . Just ordered 30 boxes of STACK for the SPA show in Richmond (bridal & spa show). We had 2000 people come thru our booth last year! We're SO EXCITED about the STACK opportunity we have. I also went to the Sign Shop today and ordered 2 banners with STACK LOGO for the show and for future shows. Picked up an easel for a profession sign I also had made today inviting them into our booth to get their ULTIMATE BODY TUNE-UP and WEIGHT LOSS! A total 30 cases personally! Hope that is enough STACK product! FYI: I got my STACK today, started as soon as I got it, LOVE IT! I already sold my other 2 STACKS that came in my package. LOL! You told us to do it so 'I DID'. Never EVER sold anything SO EASY as STACK! Karen STACK, This is NOT a Diet!!!

WOW! Day One down! 4 lbs gone! Roberta AKA: Bobbi Jo
Quick STACK update. . . I started Stack 24 hours ago and I have personally shed 3.5 lbs in that time! Went from 186.5 lbs to 183.
Sue has lost 8 lbs in the first 3 days. She is now going to a bridal/spa convention this weekend to share stack with thousands of others. Sue will make a lot of money with this plan. Like she said to me last night, "this is the easiest business she has ever been in." If you don't have your own story yet, use OURS! Eric Caprarese
Stack Leaders - Just got off phone with Sue from Roanoke, VA. She has lost 6 lbs in first 2 days with STACK!!! TELL EVERYONE!!! Our Product does what it says! Eric Caprarese
Stack Leaders - Wow! More Stack Testimonials tonight! Just got off the phone with two more lucky dealers that got their product the end of last week! (don't worry, ours is coming). One has lost 4.5 lbs in the first two days, and the other has lost 6 lbs in the first 4 days! They loved the taste and ease of use and loved the amount of product they got for the $159! Everyone is losing :) Go after EVERYONE you know that wants to lose weight and make more money for the new year! That's probably 95% of the USA population!!! You have the answers to help change peoples lives for the better this year! Don't wait! Pick up the phone and tell them to get on STACK!!! Eric Caprarese
WOW is the only word I have for STACK! Imagine – losing 18 pounds in 8 days PLUS 9.5 INCHES! But here's the REAL story – I did it while eating normal foods – Fried chicken, ham, rolls and butter, pumpkin pie, cheese potatoes, chips and salsa and more! Even enjoying myself to the max at a Christmas party. If you want to lose weight without starving yourself or going on some crazy diet and feel good while you're doing it - Get STACK and Get It Now! Barbara
Here's another one below!!! I know Randy, this is REAL!!! Hey there Paul........well, its been 11 days now that I have been on the STACK and I am now down 20 and 1/2 pounds from when I started! Here is the best part......I am eating the same foods I ate before I started it! I had pizza and roast pork and gravy as well as some wine with the meal and a beer with the pizza. I cannot believe how STACK works. It will be pretty dramatic when I get to my goal weight. I have taken some before pics and will have them with the after pics when I am done. I am sold on STACK. I love the Ice Cream drink. It tastes just like a vanilla shake to me. You have a winner on your hands here Paul. Randy

Currently in the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Germany, Ireland and the UKAVAILABLE IN SEVERAL MORE COUNTRIES SOON!!



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