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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Breaking News Alert

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Breaking News Alert

Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan & the U.K. open!

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to view our Chinese Video

Additional Countries expected in next 120 days!
Make sure YOUR country is included by
pre-enrolling as many as possible!

A 13 year old Manufacturer Launching
A "Free to Participate" Authorized Dealership Program


Everything People have been Looking for in
A Legitimate Home Based Business is Here!
Unlike Typical Start-up Hype,
This a Huge Existing Manufacturing Company!

Their goal is to become a Household Name
in just a few years, and You are Hearing about it First.

Highlights of Why This will Attract Everyone We Know:

  • NO Fees to Participate - Why should you pay a distributor fee to sell for any company? Never pay a distributor fee to join a company ever again!
  • NO Forced Monthly High Cost Purchases - One of the biggest reasons people drop out is because companies force them to purchase high cost product every month they can't afford.
  • Powerful Producs - SIMPLE and these is going to SELL...THEY WORK FAST!
  • Results Sell - Day one you will see and feel the results and you'll be telling your friends.
  • Manufacture Direct - Unlike 99% of most so-called "opportunities" who have their products made by someone else and pass high costs on to distributors, this company is the manufacturer direct, and there are no middle sales or multi-level companies.
  • Solid Company - A 13 year old manufacturer that has the capability of shipping over 80,000 units of product a day out the gate. No worry about manufacturer delays or shortages or credit line problems when momentum hits. Facilities located in 5 countries.
  • Free Product to Dealers - Most companies simply can't afford to do this, but they make the products and understand the importance of getting people to try the product. Every 5th cycle you receive $170 of free product to build your business with.
  • Low Cost - Since our product is FACTORY DIRECT, you will get it at an incredibly low price - No more trying to sell your friends on buying $200 or $300 of product that they don't need. And wait till you see the plan where reps may never have to pay for product again out of their pocket! You will love it!
  • Pays Out Bonuses FAST - They understand the importance of getting dealers money quick. This is the advantage of an all ready established manufacturer. Checks daily in the US and weekly via VISA Debit Card internationally.
  • Free Replicating Sites with Complete Back Office - $280,000 software already in place.
  • Free Personalized Website- Just like this one exclusive to our team.

How many people do you think we know
that are going to be interested in this
I think you know the answer is obvious.

You can Pre-Register for FREE NOW!
Once there are 5,000 free registrations in your country or region - Within 60 days,
M2C Global will open your country -
And YOUR team will already be in place!*

You will get your FREE replicating site just like this one to refer your team members to so they are tied to YOU!

Click Here to Register NOW

If you live in the US, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Mexico, Japan, Philippiness, Taiwan, or The UK CLICK HERE -
If you get a "page cannot be found" message,
click at the regular registration link.


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  • At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Jim,

    We're the owners of and have just found this post. We notice that your opportunity applies in Ireland. Can you give us a little more information and we may be able to promote it.

    Is it MLM or a franchise? Email us at
    We look forward to hearing from you.

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