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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A.C.T. : “The Feel good Health Drink”

Breakthrough Nutrition & Energy
Drink of the Decade !!

The NEW nutrition & energy drink that is taking the world by storm !
Fitness & Sports People, Coaches, Salesmen, Mums, Businesspeople, Housewifes, Office workers, Taxi and Bus Drivers, Truck Drivers, Nurses, Shift workers, Professional People etcDo you struggle to get through your busy day sometimes?

Do you ever find yourself “running out of steam” by mid-afternoon? Are you too tired at night, after a hard day's work, for your children, or to spend quality time with your partner ?Do you want better endurance, performance in the GYM? Do you need POWER for your game or your Race?


A.C.T. : “The Feel good Health Drink”

Day1 : You'll feel it !

Day 2 : You'll love it !

Day 3 : You'll be telling your Friends !

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