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Saturday, July 29, 2006

What you - and we - should expect on each SEO campaign

Search Engine Optimization

What you - and we - should expect on each SEO campaign

Search engine optimization is serious business. You shouldn't have to fight your way through a sea of ridiculous promises and dishonest practitioners. So, we've put together our guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Program.

This outlines what we will and will not do on every campaign, and also what we can reasonably expect from you, our client:

What we will do;

An honest appraisal of your prospects in the search engines. WTC will always provide as accurate and realistic a review of your keyword rankings, and the chances of improving those rankings, as possible.

A firm who's not afraid to say 'no'. If you hire us, you hire us for our search engine optimization expertise. Therefore, if you request something that we feel may hurt your campaign, we'll tell you so, and explain why.

Informed Decisions. WTC bases its search engine campaigns on hard numbers: Keyword search statistics, rankings and competitiveness data. While search engine optimization is not an exact science, we can eliminate a lot of guesswork and make sure that your money is well spent.

Technical Expertise. You can't make a search engine campaign a success unless you know how search engines, and web pages, work. WTC brings developers, HTML programmers our internet softer ware programmers and SEO specialists to every search engine optimization project.

A Spam-less SEO Campaign. We will never use seedy tactics such as content cloaking, redirection or site mirroring. That way the results you get will be sustainable and consistent. We fell the right way is the only way for you to be completely satisfied enough to recommend our servers to others

Verifiable Results. Finally, we'll provide you with regular reports (each week) showing your ranking under specific keywords, and, if possible, traffic to your site from search engines plus changes in user behavior on your site. That way you know whether your SEO campaign is working.

We need; Feedback. We need your input! For a search engine optimization campaign to work, we need to know whether you are happy with the keywords we select and strategies we employ. Don't be afraid to give us your opinion can take it, we want the project to be completely customized to your needs.

  1. Your Trust. If you hire us, then you've likely seen our current search engine optimization results, and you know that you can trust us. If you feel uncomfortable with our strategy, let us know. But we always work in your best interests.
  2. A Little Time. Search engine optimization doesn't happen over night. Typically, a solid campaign takes 2-8 months to really get going. Keep that in mind...
  3. We are so sure that we can do the job and do it right, we will refund your complete payment if we do not reach the goals set out in the plan we set before we begin the campaign

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