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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Free Link Exchange

Why should I be thrilled to join Web Traffic Connection links program?

Getting good quality links, in particular with high Page Rank can

improve your link popularity and boost your Page Rank as well.
Web Traffic Connection enjoys high link popularity and high Page Rank. Joining WTC's link partner program means higher link popularity, higher Page Rank, and therefore higher search engine rankings for your site, and it is totally...
What is a Link Exchange Program? Link exchange is whereby you can feature other websites' links on your own website and in exchange, the partners will display your web site hyperlink on their web pages.
The link exchange can be in the forms of html text links or banner (graphical) links
Also popularly known as reciprocal links (mutual links)

Why exchange links?
Exchanging links with other web sites increases your own web site link popularity, which in turn gives you higher search engine rankings in the international search engines & directories
Choose popular web sites to link to, especially good websites in relevance to your site, and those having high page ranks in google and alexa
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