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Monday, April 10, 2006


The Web Traffic Connection Affiliate Program
Read below to see...

How To Divert 1000's Of TARGETED VISITORS FromMajor Search EnginesTo Your Web Site... FREE!

Plus...How You Can Make A Boat Load Of MoneyEven If Your Own Products Don't Sell!


Diverts 1000's of targeted hits to your web site from the Top Search Engines at $0 cost to you…

PLUS... it will generate cash money for you even if
your products don't sell

Here's What You Get:

Full access to your own WTC optimized web site Built for you
A domain name customized to your products
6 months free hosting for your web site
5000 click ads with Ad Exposed

One on one training with Butch Hamilton, one of Veretekks leading

You'll Automatically get 100's of webmasters Eagerly linking to your web site - No Questions Asked! You send no emails begging for links ever. Once you Activate the Web Traffic Connection, other web sites will begin linking to you Automatically!

You'll Automatically get 100's of webmasters Eagerly linking to your web site - No Questions Asked! You send no emails begging for links ever. Once you Activate the Web Traffic Connection, other web sites will begin linking to you Automatically!

Your web site will immediately begin achieving Higher and Higher Link Popularity as even the "Big Boy" High Ranking web sites start linking to your web site or affiliate site Automatically

See how to get 1000's of qualified Targeted Visitor's beating a path to your Web Site within the next three to seven days or less

No Search Engine Optimization Knowledge Required

No Traffic Referral Programs To Sign Up With

No More Emailing Others Begging For Link Exchanges

And No Gimmicks Guaranteed!

How it Works

The Web Traffic Connection is a program that is hosted on our servers. No Downloads required and is PC and Mac friendly.
The WTC is operated by clicking a few command buttons making
it ultra intuitive and easy to use.

Once the command buttons are selected, the Web Traffic Connection will begin a process that will divert targeted, motivated web traffic from major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and AOL to your web site or to your affiliate site by the truck loads.

Additionally, the Web Traffic Connection gets nearly 1 Million Hits a month. The day you becoming a member we'll begin diverting Targeted Hits from our site to your site. That's right. You won't have to do a thing. Just sit back and login to our special Hit Tracker for your web site and you'll be able to see the Hits we'll be sending to your web site LIVE daily!
Plus, you'll see EXACTLY HOW to get DOZEN'S of other TOP Web Sites to begin placing links on their Web Site to your Web Site or your affiliate web site with no questions asked. It's a simple little known trick anyone can do and it never fails.

Whether you are selling Fruit Baskets, an MLM Program, a Business Opportunity or a Consulting Service it doesn't matter...
...As long as you're selling a product from a web site or from an affiliate web site you can now generate 1000's of targeted visitors at your command.

If you Do Not Have a Product to sell.... Don't Worry.
When you gain access to the Web Traffic Connection, one of the Bonuses will include a Highly sought-after internet Product you can offer. The Product will come with a professionally designed web site plus 100% resell rights. This means you keep 100% of the profits in sales from your new Bonus web site!

In a nutshell here's how it works....

THE BEST PART IS : The Web Traffic Connection will do all of this for you, register a domain for you, setup the domain on our server. We will also setup the optimized pages and setup your Google ad sense using information you provide. The last step of the build will be to setup a click ad for you with AD Exposed again using the information you provide because you know your product better than us.

The Web Traffic Connection has a built in engine that will locate the Best Keyword Phrases that people are using to search for the type of product that you offer on your web site or your affiliate site.

The Web Traffic Connection will begin creating web pages for each Keyword Phrase it finds and Automatically Optimize each page to rank high in Major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.
Each Optimized web page created by the Web Traffic Connection will include fresh, new content that automatically updates itself daily using RSS Feed.

After your Optimized web pages are created the Web Traffic Connection can automatically load them onto the internet for you.
No web design - No web hosting -No Search Engine Optimization experience and No Hours and Hours of Search Engine Submission required.

Here Is The #1 Way To Get Targeted Motivated Traffic To See Your Product On The Internet

A recent issue of Target Marketing Magazine illustrated the
"Top Ways Websites Are Discovered"

And It's Not What You Think! -------

Banner Ads -- 20%
Targeted Email -- 1.2%
TV Spots -- 1.4%
By Accident -- 2.1%
Magazine Ads -- 4.4%
Word-of-Mouth -- 8%
Random Surfing -- 12%
Search Engines -- a whopping 46%

By using Search Engines, you can increase your chances of making sales and gaining exposure by as much as 46%.

The Web Traffic Connection levels the playing field. We Give
you the tools and the traning ; even a complete novice can master Search Engine advertising and generate loads of fresh, targeted hits to see your Product or Affiliate Product..... daily.

The Web Traffic Connection Program Picks Up
Where All The Others Leave Off...


The Web Traffic Connection utilizes the most powerful and closely kept Secret Optimization formulas along with the most amazing Search Engine Submission Strategy you'll ever see.With these Two Features alone, with (we create these for you) a mere 25 Optimized keyword pages that's all it takes and you can begin seeing 100's or even 1000's of fresh new hits within days. In no time flat... Targeted, motivated visitors will begin beating a path to your door looking for exactly what you have to offer.

NOTE: Please understand at least 50% of your "Hit Factor" depends on the attractiveness of your web copy and the demand for your product. We cannot ethically guarantee any amount of "Hits" you'll generate, however with a tool like the Web Traffic Connection your chances will be 1700% improved.

The problem with hiring an SEO company is that most charge outrageous fees and you cannot possible know if they are up-to-date on the latest Optimizing strategy which is only half the battle. 99% of these so called SEO Companies do not have the slightest idea how to get you listed in Search Engines fast plus how to get other High Ranking web sites linking to you automatically virtually overnight. Now you can do-it-all yourself faster, cheaper and easier with the Web Traffic Connection.
The Web Traffic Connection continually updates your Optimized web pages with the latest Page Ranking advantages. It gets you listed in the Major Search Engines within days. PLUS you'll get High Ranking web sites linking to you automatically - No Questions Ask
We Stand behind the Web Traffic Connection capabilities 100%... and we Guarantee it!
How The Web Traffic Connection Is Different From All The Others...

Web Traffic Connection Affiliates are invited to a weekly live Chat with Butch Hamilton
Twice every week Butch Hamilton will hold a live chat session with Affiliate Members and personally guide you through the process of getting more traffic to your web site than you could possibly imagine. Plus you'll see how remarkably easy it is to earn amazing commissions by selling the Web Traffic Connection to others. You'll see how to get Dozens of people beating a path to your door everyday to get the Web Traffic Connection. As an Affiliate of the Web Traffic Connection, you'll get a check (or paypal if you prefer)once a month . When you earn money by helping others to use the Web Traffic Connection,
You Will Get Your Product Banner Placed On 1000's Of Other Web Sites Automatically.
A built in feature makes it Super Easy for Affiliates to advertise the Web Traffic Connection. All of your optimized web pages for your products, Considering you arean Affiliate, your Banner will appear on each of the web pages created automatically.
If you Do Not have a Banner for your product, you'll get your own Web Traffic Connection Affiliate Banner with your Affiliate Link embedded inside.
You'll Get Access To Our Secret Back-Door Submission Formula That Gets Your Pages Listed In Google Instantly. Affiliates get access to an amazing secret formula that reveals how to get your Optimized web pages Spidered and listed in Search Engines like Google in as little as 24 hours or Less. No more waiting weeks or months for your web page submission to be picked up by Google.
After Your Pages Are Created, The Web Traffic Connection Will Automatically Load Them Onto The Internet.
You need no knowledge of web design or web hosting. By simply using Web Traffic Connection's Hosting feature all the work will be done for you.
If You Do Not Have A Web Site Or Product The Web Traffic Connection Comes With A Product You Can Sell And You Get 100% Resell Rights.
We understand that some people desire to make money on the internet but do not have a product or web site. The Web Traffic Connection has a built in feature that makes available one of the Hottest New Products online. You can sell this product which comes with it's own proven money-making web sit.
As you can see, with the Web Traffic Connection you will have the capability to drive an insane amount of traffic to your web site potentially allowing your product sales to increase dramatically!
The best part is you can pass on the Web Traffic Connection to your MLM Downline or to the Affiliates on your Email List who may be selling your own product. In no time, your Downline or Affiliates could quickly start outselling you and a major portion of all the other Affiliates selling the same product. So if you participate in MLM programs, with Web Traffic Connection you can watch your downline grow and your commission EXPLODE! (For obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee you or your downline will make more sales. This depends entirely on the desires of others for your product, however we can guarantee you'll get more targeted web traffic to your web sites )
When a visitor finds one of the OPTIMIZED WEB PAGES generated for you by the Web Traffic Connection, they will see content about your product. Each of your Optimized web pages will have multiple links that point back to your original product web site or affiliate web site. But read on because... this next part will GUARANTEE that your Optimized Web Pages get exceptionally high rankings in search engines and the most motivated visitors to your site… The Google search engine is perhaps the most popular search engine on the internet. Google does not try and read every page it indexes. Google Ranks The Popularity of a web page by reading the amount of outgoing Links from other web sites that point to your web site. The more web sites you have linking to your web site, plus the higher in Rank these web sites are determines the Rank Google gives your web site... and a Higher Ranking can lead to an increase in web traffic and higher sales.
Your Optimized web pages will include links to other Top Search Engine Ranked web pages of your competitors. With these relevant links on your web pages, you'll achieve an even higher ranking.
But what if they click on your competitors link and not yours.... it's a possibility but a slim possibility.You can set it up so that the competitor links on your Optimized web page “can not� be clicked on. Visitors stay on your Optimized web page and can only go to your web site.
Keep this one small thing in mind and you'll be light-years ahead of the others when it comes to understanding Search Engine Optimization. Above all else including "meta tags" "Site Title" or "Site Descriptions"... ....the Most Popular Pages On Google are the ones that have the most relevant Incoming and Outgoing links... (Period).
How Your Web Traffic Connection Income Ads Up
It is not uncommon for some of our Affiliates to get up to 1000 Google AdSense clicks per day at .05 to .20 cents each earning an extra $50 to $200 a day or more. This is a potential passive income source you must not ignore. Even if your AdSense and Pay-per-click ads generate only $10 to $20 a day, that's an extra $300 to $600 you'll earn each month just by using the Web Traffic Connection.
Please be advised the amount of Clicks your Adsense ads get depends entirely on the popularity of your Keyword selections and how closely they come to attracting your Target audience.
The Passive Google Income you'll earn does not include the money you'll make from your product or affiliate product sales, your MLM Downline or members on your Email List.Soon dozens will sign up as WTC Affiliates beneath you earning you commissions.Some current users of the Web Traffic Connection are creating optimized web pages for others and charging fees as high as $1000 for their services.
The Income Possibilities With A Tool Like The Web Traffic Connection Are Endless....
You may be asking yourself....."How can I Purchase this Amazing New Web Traffic Generating Program?"
"Web Traffic Connection" can easily sell for $ 347.00. ...However, the Web Traffic Connection utilizes a Built-in “Viral Marketing Strategy�. For those lucky enough to join as Web Traffic Connection Affiliates, this Viral Marketing concept is designed to produce an enormous amount of Profits in a short amount of time.

Once you Click the link below, you will become eligible to become a Web Traffic Connection Tier One Affiliate. The Web Traffic Connection has the BEST Affiliate income earning opportunity ever.
As a Tier One Affiliate you can $47.00 from each and every Web Traffic Connection member you bring in…

You can place a Web Traffic Connection Banner on all the web sites you create.

If you are quick enough to snatch up one of our limited Tier One Affiliate positions today, I assure you that you will clearly see how your referrals and the referrals of your referrals can funnel an avalanche of fresh web traffic, product sales and residual income into your pocket fast. As an Affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to experience the most amazing Passive Advertising and Passive Income Generating system to date. Guaranteed to Blow all others Away!
We know that by the time 487 people become Web Traffic Connection Tier One Affiliates and begin passing free access to others… requests for the Web Traffic Connection will explode exponentially all over the internet.There are millions of people online who want and need more traffic to their web sites. Can you imagine any of them turning down an opportunity to use a program like the Web Traffic Connection for Free...?
Therefore... Only the first 487 people who take advantage of this offer today will be given the opportunity to become Web Traffic Connection Tier One Affiliates

If you miss the opportunity to become an Affiliate, you will lose out on the amazing income you can earn just by giving the Web Traffic Connection away for free.
If you go to the next page and find the Link has been disabled that allows you to join as a Tier One Web Traffic Connection Affiliate then please know we have reach our pre-launch quota of 487 new members and the opportunity to become an Affiliate has ended.
If you missed our Affiliate Opportunity, you may still purchase access to the “fully activated� Web Traffic Connection program for only $197 USD.
Click Below To Instantly See If You Can Still Access The Web Traffic Connection As an Affiliate - OR - Gain Free Access Today

Success responds to those who act and not to those who wait…

P.S. – Get Free Access to a newly discovered Web Traffic Generating Program called the Web Traffic Connection.

P.P.S. – The Web Traffic Connection is designed to be newbie friendly. It will build thousands of optimized search engine web pages for your product or affiliate product automatically. It will then upload your pages online for you with the push of a button and in a short time you'll see your pages begin rising to high search positions in the most popular search engines sending you motivated, targeted traffic daily.
PLUS... you can earn a Substantial Income just by giving the Web Traffic Connection to others…. Free!


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