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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Web Traffic Connection is picking up steam!!!

May 24, 2006 -- WebTrafficConnection is only 45 days into launch and already the demand
has been so overwheming that BBNH has had to add additional programmers, customer support teams and marketing promoters to handle the demand.The inception of the program actually began several years ago when the CTO of BBNH, the foremost programmer "guru" of the WebTrafficConnection system began the arduos journey that has led to the phenomenal growth of this program.

Butch Hamilton, well known SEO specialist and marketing head for
the WebTrafficConnection program said, "The genius behind this system is the best I have seen. All the essential elements of keywords, ad content and links all set about
in a very simple set-up procedure lend itself for the average person, marketing on the internet today, to become successful. The WebTrafficConnection system is so brilliantly designed and yet so deceptively simple, that many "so-called" SEO experts may turn their heads and say it won't work, but I assure you that it will work, it will get peoples primary marketing businesses on the top spots of the major search engines, it is working at this moment!"

The awesome undertaking of this program is literally growing exponentially
every day with ideas like unlimited optimized webpage production, a blogging system in the back office with embedded RSS feeds, the thoughts of having a WebTrafficConnection traffic exchange somewhere down the road, and other features too numerous to mention here.

Said Mr. Hamilton, "We have put together this program to run in conjuction with the
Veretekk system. We are offering the people that come into the program the opportunity to sign up-for free-and come to the live webconferencing training sessions held daily, again for free, by just logging into their computer and learning effective internet marketing strategies." Butch Hamilton is a trainer for the Veretekk system as well and knows how to fully utilize each and every aspect to the fullest degree.This program is something that you do not want to miss, because the affiliate side of the WebTrafficConnection is a very handsome payout as well.

Mr. Hamilton also said, "I have assembled a top-notch team on the promotion side of this program. I have worked closely with all of them and I can tell you hands down, that this team is one of the most powerful marketing teams on the internet today. We literally have 24/7 is available as well, to make people more comfortable with the program.

Further, Jim Skelton CEO, Skelton Enterprises said, "I have been using the Web Traffic Connection for about. Already, I have achieved the #5 spot on Google Search for my business. That in itself, may not sound too impressive untill I inform you that I am competing with 183 Million sites offering the same Service. Impressed? I certainly am!!! With the help of Mr. Hamilton, Rick Stout and the others involved, I found their system did not require that I take and abundant amout of time out of my already busy schedule and the entire process was rather easy to institute as well.

My hat's off to those who developed this system. Kudo's Gentlemen, you certainly deserve it!!".

For More Information, contact: Web Traffic Connection


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