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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Web Traffic Connection anounces a Free Link Exchange Progam.


We are now offering Free Link Exchange.

Link Exchange System ( ) is free of charge and designed to make link exchange easier. Now you can exchange links with hundreds of Link Exchange Partner Websites easily and it is FREE !!!


Having multiple links from other web sites helps to increase search engine rankings. Every reciprocal links increases your page rank - therefore - giving you a better search engine ranking.

What Is A Reciprocal Link ?

Reciprocal linking is a process where two websites agree to exchange links with each other, by placing links on their websites to the other site.
Reciprocal links are very important for getting a good search engine position. Exchanging links with other websites increases website's link popularity.

What Is Link Popularity ?

Link popularity is a ranking algorithm that most search engines use to determine a website's ranking in that search engine's results. Link popularity is determined by the number of sites that are linking to your website, and the link popularity rating of those linking websites. Websites with higher link popularity will appear in the results of many search engines that use link popularity to determine rankings.

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