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Sunday, October 01, 2006

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There is no question that Jenny Craig is the undisputed leader in health, fitness and dieting, but there is new evidence that the "new kid on the block is gaining preference and is set to launch a whole new look and feel to the dieting industry. is one of the most informative websites on the net today. This huge database website has literally thousands of pages of top rated information on many diet plans, psychological aspects of dieting, medical reasons and plans for dieting, dating, men's health and more.

Never before has so much relevant information been placed in one website.

The intention of is not to sell, but rather to inform. Information on the net is craved by millions of online readers. This website is one of the most comprehensive in regards to giving people many choices of diets and articles about dieting and other subjects of interest.

Certainly cutting edge thinking here. is worth an extra look. Once into the site, it will take a while to sift through the information.

Never before has there been a diet website that can compare with

The trip will be well worth the effort!

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