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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Energy Drink - A.C.T. Healthy Energy Drink

quick acting...long-lasting...
Please read on...

this product is SO good, I'm even prepared to "put my money where my mouth is"
by sending you some FREE SAMPLES to try.

At last a HEALTHY, SAFE ALTERNATIVE to those popular mainstream "pick-me-up" drinks like R' Bull etc.

When I first heard about this amazing new energy drink, I was somewhat skeptical about these claims, however I was offered free sample, to "try before you buy".
The product truly lives up to its expectations in each & every way.
We took a closer look at the business opportunity too. We discovered NONE of the negatives of other MLM Companies like amway, herbalife, usana, mannatech etc.and those kind of things.

This product is SO GOOD, that I'm prepared to send you two samples
( two drinks) for you to try, absolutely FREE.

If you genuinely wish to try our A.C.T. healthy Energy Drinks, email your contact details to & Phone # and I will get those FREE drinks sent out to you ASAP.

Alternatively, you can go straight to
& order your product directly

sincerely yours,
Jim Skelton,

Phone: 330-426-3229. if no answer, leave a message

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